Peeranormal 04: Crop Circles

Crop circles are well known — patterns that appear in fields of crops when certain areas of the field are compressed. Investigators have long noted how the stalks are bent uniformly, without visible damage. This episode of Peeranormal takes a look at some of the sparse academic peer-reviewed research on crop circles to discuss if they are man-made, created by an unknown natural force, or something paranormal.

Peeranormal 03: EVP

EVP (“Electronic Voice Phenomena”) are “a class of allegedly mysterious vocal recordings, and while several explanations have been offered to explain their origin, the overwhelming majority of EVP researchers believe that their recordings constitute physical evidence of contact with the afterlife. In other words, most EVP researchers believe that it is possible, using various radio and electrical engineering techniques, to record the voices of ghosts” (Banks, 77). This episode of Peeranormal discusses several journal articles about the phenomena and efforts to test the viability of a paranormal explanation.

Articles mentioned in the episode:
Banks 2001 Rorschach Audio – Ghost Voices and Perceptual Creativity
Baruss 2001 Failure to Replicate Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Nees Phillips Auditory Pareidolia – Perceptions of Purportedly Paranormal and Ambiguous Auditory Stimuli

Peeranormal 02: Psychic Animals

Pet-owners often observe behavior that makes them wonder if their pet has a psychic connection to them. One example is the perception that a dog or cat “knows” when its owner is on the way home. This episode of Peeranormal discusses some peer-reviewed experiments into “psychic animals” and the ability to know when owners are coming home. Is the explanation Psi/telepathy or something else?