Peeranormal 19: Déjà Vu

Many people have experienced déjà vu, the feeling that a situation or event is familiar, though there is no evidence that the situation has been experienced before. Recent studies have shown that roughly two-thirds of people have experienced déjà vu at least once. This episode explores three research articles chronicling the phenomenon and its elements and the range of proposed explanations for it.

Research articles:

Alan S. Brown, “A Review of the Déjà Vu Experience,” Psychology Bulletin Vol. 129, No. 3 (2003: 394–413

Anne. M. Cleary, “Recognition Memory, Familiarity, and Déjà Vu Experiences,” Current Directions in Psychology Science 17:5 (2008): 353-357

Alan S. Brown and Elizabeth J. Marsh, “Digging Into Déjà Vu: Recent Research on Possible Mechanisms,” in The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, vol. 53(ed. Brian Ross; Burlington: Academic Press, 2010), pp.33-62